I often get asked what health products I would recommend, which I’ve included below.

(I also get a lot of interest from people asking about starting their own blog.  Since I am a full time blogger, I decided to leave my blogging recommendations down below as well)
Also: Full disclaimer, some of the links below are affiliates links.

Healthy product recommendations!

For Supplements:

For supplements I use bulk supplements because the prices are low and the products are good quality.

For On The Go Fitness:
Free Basic Membership Available

Grokker is a phone app that has a variety of workouts that I enjoy when I’m traveling.




Blogging Resources!

Thinking about starting your own blog? These are the tools I’ve used to make blogging my career!


Bluehost is the platform I host my website on.  The customer support is great, the service is good and best of all, it’s affordable.