Are you eating mindlessly?

One of the easiest ways to over eat and make poor food choices is by mindless eating. Mindless eating, put simply, is being distracted from thinking about the food we consume and eating for convenience rather than nutrition. Sounds like something we are all guilty of doesn’t it? However, this is something that we can […]

Change How You Think About Food

Change the way you think about food

Understanding the basics: In order to have the right outlook on food, we should first be able to define it and understand its purpose. What is food? “ A natural or manufactured product, solid or liquid, that contains one or more of the nutrients that the human organism requires for the development of vital functions.” […]

Vegan Diet Plan for Fast Weight Loss

If you’re looking for a vegan diet plan for weight loss fast then you have come to the right place. It is believed that those who follow a vegan diet for four months lose around four pounds more than those who eat an animal-based diet. Following a proper vegan diet will not only help you meet your […]

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